Our first Audio Interrupt Post

Audio Interrupt devices for CB, VHS, GPS, ham radio and radar detectors
Audio Interrupt for cars, boats, RV’s,  off road  vehicles

We started this blog to get the word out to others interested in CB, ham radio, GPS, VHS and radar detectors (all two-way radios) and if there are any questions out there on how to integrate any of these devices into a vehicle stereo system.

We’ve been doing some interesting integration into boats recently with our CBintercept.  We’d be interested if other boat owners want to mute their boat stereos to better be able to hear an incoming message from the VHS radio. 

There are a lot of truckers out there that don’t know they can automatically mute their stereos and have the CB or ham message come through the truck cab speakers.  We’d like to get the word out.

See our website at www.audiointerrupt.com – email  info [at] audiointerrupt.com


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