Off Road Warriors

We received an email from Pierre, and here is my response.

Please check out our website to see what we have for off road warriors who want to hear their CB message through their factory stereo speakers.

I am a jeep owner myself (1983 CJ7 built for desert rocks) and I feel your CB pain. However, currently we do not have a “plug and play” version of the CB Monitor for the JK. We are still trying to source the plugs. We do have a universal version that would work in your JK. If you did not want to try wiring it yourself, then any competent car stereo installer could wire it up for you.

I love the way the CB monitor works in my Jeep. I have the 2 channel universal version connected to my stereo and CB. Even with the stereo off I get the CB through the dash speakers. Much easier to hear the incoming calls. Particularly useful caravaning with a group on the highway or on rough trails when you are receiving instructions from a spotter.

If I can be of further assistance, Please contact me by email.

Happy Jeeping and Keep the Shinny Side Up,

Mark Dames

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