Automatic Stereo Muting in a Boat to hear VHF

Just got off the phone with a man in Clearwater, FL that wants to use the CBM-U2 in his boat. What a great idea. When a transmission is received, his cockpit stereo mutes, and the message will come through loud and clear on the speakers. And it won’t matter what kind of 2-way gear he has, as long as the receiver has an output jack that can drive an external speaker, he is good to go.

We knew that some of you out there might try this, so we encapsulated the CBM’s circuitry in a polymer. This protects the electronic components from moisture, and you know how wet your boat can get from just condensation alone. Just as a cold glass of brewski on the Gulf Coast sweats, so wouldn’t the sensitive components of the CBM in marine environment, and that’s why we encapsulate them.

On the technical side I recommend soldering all of the connections on the CBM-U2 in such an installation, and insulating with double walled shrink tubing. Double walled shrink tubing is what I use in my Jeep, and I highly recommend it for any connections that will see moisture. It works because the inner wall of the tubing melts and seals the outer wall during the heat-shrinking process. Way cool for mud buggies too.

Anyway, I sure the guy will enjoy the convenience of his purchase.

Keep the props in the water,


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