Hi, I’m John Rogus and I call myself a Tinkerer. After leaving the Air Force in the 60’s, I started reparing car radios and did that for many years.  Later on I had a retail car stereo store that sold and installed car stereos.  I couldn’t help myself.  The Tinkerer surfaced and I created the first car alarm timer called the ACE system that started the car alarm business as we know it today.

I also love classic cars and repaired them for awhile.  I developed an AM transmitter so people can hear an MP3 or iPod through their classic car radio.  I call it the RadioLink. 

Since then I have designed, developed and manufactured over 60 devices, including the first line-output converter, used in the 12-Volt industry – mostly items for car stereos including adapters for the aftermarket CD player to factory car stereo.  I was President and CEO of Peripheral Electronics, Inc. until it was sold to AAMP of America.

Now my Tinkerer self has become interested in two way radios and I became a licensed ham operator.  My Audio Interrupt line of products integrates the car stereo with CB’s, ham radios, VHS, GPS and radar detectors.  Basically all the products mute the car stereo and switches the vehicle speakers to be able to hear incoming voice messages, then reverts to stereo sound after a message has been received or transmitted.

I’m a problem solver, and I love to think about products that don’t yet exist, but have a practical use.  I think about them for hours to see if I can develop something for commercial use.  I then design the schematic and printed circuit board to get a prototype and drive my wife crazy by experimenting with it in the car.  I have to remove a breadboard and wires from the passenger seat before she can get in.  She just shakes her head she’s so used to it by now.

You can learn more about our products at www.audiointerrupt.com

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