Audio Interrupt Switcher For Chrysler 2007-2017

Jeep JK Factory

Non-Amplified speaker system

Automatically Mutes Factory Jeep Stereo and Switches Non-Amplified Speakers To Ham/CB Voice


jK2Now the off-road enthusiasts can enjoy the convenience and safety of their Ham or CB radio with the CBM-JK CB Monitor (CBM).

Please Note:

The Jeep JK has two different stereo systems. Which is Yours?

The first system, is the basic system that connects directly from the stereo to non-amplified speakers. In this case you would use our model CBM-JK for 2007 to 2014 ($79.95). The CBM-JK is a plug and play device that connects between the stereo and speaker harness located behind the dash. It takes about 30 minutes to install. See further on this page.

The second system, is the Infinity amplified speaker system with sub-woofer. In this case you would use our model CBM-JKINF from 2007 to 2014 ($139.95), The CBM-JKINF is also a plug and play device that connects between the stereo and the Infinity Amplifier located on the driver side under the steering column or with some models under the dash just left of the driver’s leg, an easy reach. It takes 5 minutes to install and has a black 16 pin plug and a white 22 pin plug. This model also mutes the stereo when transmitting.

If you are in doubt of which system is the right one for you, please call us at 858-349-4918.

How the CBM-JK Works: When a voice transmission is received on a 2 way-radio, the CB Monitor automatically mutes the stereo and switches the two front speaker to the 2 way radio voice while all other speaker go mute. It remains switched and muted for three seconds after the last voice transmission is received, then returns back to normal stereo play.

Fast and easy plug and play installation for the do it yourselfer.

Built to last water proof potting compound is used on this product to encapsulate the circuitry and cable assembly that protects against temperature change, vibration, dust and accidental immersion in sea water. JIS8 rated, Designed and assembled in the USA.

Size: About the size of a deck of cards: 1.5" Wide by 2.0" Deep x .75" High


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The CBM-JK allows the 4x4 enthusiast to enjoy their music on the trail without missing a call.


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