Hear Argriculture Equipment CB/HAM or Tablet through Front Cab Speakers with VoiceCom JD

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VoiceCom JD Is a Plug & Play Automatic Stereo Mute
and Speaker Switch For The John Deere 9770 combine


Here HAM/CB/Tablet through farm vehicle speakersVoiceCom JD is a stereo mute and speaker switching device that allows the audio from a Two-Way Radio to be heard through the two front cab speakers.

The 1/8” (3.5mm plug) from VoiceCom JD connects to the external speaker output socket of the two-way radio. Audio from the two-way radio is then detected by VoiceCom JD when an incoming voice message is received. This causes the two front speakers to automatically switch from stereo to the two-way radio audio while all other speakers go mute. Three seconds after the last message is received the stereo mute and speakers automatically return back to normal play.


John Deere Tractor Combine Audio Interrupt


Wiring Diagram

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