Hear VHF/UHF Through Boat Speakers

Use VHF-U4

Mute the Boat stereo and Hear VHF Radio Audio through Stereo Boat Speakers


VHFU4 External Speaker BypassVHF-U4 is a VHF/UHF radio voice activated stereo mute and speaker switching system that allows seamless interaction between the VHF radio voice message and the boat stereo speakers.

When activated the boat stereo mutes and the two front speakers switch to VHF radio voice while the rear speakers go mute. Three seconds after the last voice message is received the stereo automatically returns back to normal play.



"I recently purchased and installed the VHF-U4 on my sailboat. It is a great product and works exactly as advertised. The installation instructions were about as fool proof as they could be."..G. Myers


Boat at marina with CB Monitor Audio InterruptNo Modification to your VHF Radio, Stereo or boat is needed. Easy install less than 60 minutes for most boats. Some wiring hookup required.

Note: This is not Bluetooth or a FM modulator that requires the stereo to be set to a particular station in order to work.

Built to last water proof potting compound is used on this product to encapsulate the circuitry and cable assembly that protects against temperature change, vibration, dust and accidental immersion in sea water. JIS8 rated, Designed and assembled in the USA.

VHF-U4 for $89.95

Download Wiring Diagram


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