Truckers Hear 2-way or Tablet Through Truck Speakers

For Big Rigs, Heavy Equipment, RV's, Farm Tractors and Commercial Buses

Works with Ham, Commercial Radios, CB Radios, Industrial Radios, GPS, Fleet Management Systems, etc.


Voicecom 280Attention Truckers: VoiceCom is an automatic stereo mute and speaker switching system. Designed for commercial vehicles.

How it works: When a voice message is received VoiceCom automatically mutes the stereo and switches the two front speakers to two-way radio voice while all other speakers go mute. Three seconds after the last message is heard the stereo and speakers automatically switch back to normal stereo play.

Built to last water proof potting compound is used on this product to encapsulate the circuitry and cable assembly that protects against temperature change, vibration, dust and accidental immersion in sea water. JIS8 rated, Designed and assembled in the USA.

VoiceCom is a plug and play system with the ISO wiring harness that is in most 2004 and up big rig trucks. See list below:

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ISO Harness Compatibility List:

Medium Duty After 8/04 to present
Pro Star All
Conventional W/Prem Sound From 4/05 to present
Model 387 Built From 9/06 to present
Model 387 W/Premium Sound Built From 9/06 to present
Conventional Models All Built From 4/05 to present
Conventional Models Built After 7/2004 to present
All Models Built After 11/03 to present
All Models Built After 11/03 to present
Ford - Sterling
Sterling Models 2003 and after to present
Western Star
Monsoon System
Models 2004 and after to present


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