CBM-JKINF 2007-2017

Hear CB/HAM Radio Through Jeep JK Infinity/Alpine Amplified Speakers with CBM-JKINF Switcher

CBM-JKINF 2007-2017 is a Plug and Play Device

  • It automatically mutes the stereo when a 2-way radio (CB/HAM) voice transmission is received.
  • It then switches to the two front vehicle speakers to hear the transmission while the other speakers mute.
  • The stereo remains switched and muted for three seconds after the last voice transmission is received, then returns to normal stereo.
  • It also mutes upon transmitting.
  • It connects between the stereo and Infinity amplifier located on the driver side under the steering column - or under the dash just left of the driver’s leg.
  • Five minutes to install - black 16-pin and white 22 pin-plug
  • About the size of a deck of cards: 1.5” wide by 2.0” deep x .75” high.
  • Built to last with water proof potting to encapsulate the circuitry to protect against temperature change, vibration, dust and accidental immersion in water. JIS8 rated.


Designed and manufactured in the USA.

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