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The problem of having a two-way radio mounted in a moving vehicle is with ambient noise such as road, wind, stereo turned high or the placement of an external speaker. Thus the two-way radio can’t be heard missing an alert or important voice message.

We solve this problem by automatically disconnecting the vehicle speakers from the stereo and switch them to the 2-way radios external speaker output so that the message may be heard over the noisy environment. Three seconds after the last message ends it automatically switches back to normal stereo play. Best use the CBM-U4 it’s a two or four-channel universal non-vehicle specific audio interrupt and speaker switch.

I work as a dispatcher for a plumbing company and I like to listen to our office stereo at the same time monitor our 2-way radio how can I interrupt the stereo and have the audio from the 2-way play through the stereo speakers whenever I get a call?

Easily use our CBM-U4, a two or four-channel audio interrupt with onboard speaker switch feature. If you are using 12-volt power supply connected to a mobile 2-way radio in your home or office the power input leads of the CBM-U4 connects to the negative and positive terminals of the power supply. The CBM-U4 does require 12-volt power supply to operate for home or office use.

I think you have the system I am looking for but not sure which one is the right one. I have a ’05 Jeep Wrangler with a Cobra 75 WX ST CB and the stock stereo. I would love for the radio to mute when there is CB radio chatter but would like to hear it through ALL speakers. I currently use an external speaker but can’t hear the CB over either the stereo or road noise.

You would need one of the CB Monitors that fit the model of your jeep.

I was wondering if you have a modified speaker harness for a 2010 Caterpillar 324DL excavator. The way that I would like it to work is when a call is coming into the CB, it will shut the radio signal to the speakers off. The machine has 2 speakers. I would like both speakers to work with the CB, but one would do. If you can only have one speaker, it would have to be the one on the left if you are facing forward. The speakers are behind the driver. After a few seconds they would return back to the radio. I found you just searching through Google. Thank you.

You should use our VoiceCom which is a mute and switch device. It mutes the stereo when an incoming message is received and plays it through the speakers. It is excellent with text to speech units.

This is a plug and plays unit with the ISO wiring harness.

I want to customize my rig to automatically mute and switch my Stereo Speakers to CB Voice whenever the CB is active and mute all speakers when I transmit. Can you help me? Thank you. David.

You would need to use our VoiceCom. This is a plug and plays unit with the ISO wiring harness that is in most big rig trucks.

No modification to your CB, big rig Stereo or truck is needed. Easy installation for most big rig trucks. This is a plug and play device. Heavy-duty fabrication allows for extreme road conditions such as vibration and severe temperature changes.

I work at the LA airport and have an aircraft radio scanner in my 04 Ford pickup with an Alpine aftermarket stereo. The stereo has an audio interrupt lead wire. I would like to mute my stereo whenever the scanner is active. What do you recommend?

Order the CBIntercept by itself. It is a stand-alone product.

Hello, I’m looking to get a few things set up in my 2009 Subaru Impreza 5-door. I would like to have my Kenwood TM-V71A setup for my stereo to be muted whenever there is incoming audio. I also want the stereo muted for outgoing audio (how the heck does that work?) Preferably, I would like both front speakers to work as I frequently work in a team where the passenger is operating the radio. I use the TM-V71A with an APRS tracker that causes it to transmit periodically. With the Big Rig Audio Interrupt it’s going to mute every time it beacons, right? I don’t think there is a workaround for that.

Yes, that would be true about Big Rig Audio Interrupt if you are using an APRS tracker with your Ham Radio. The way it mutes the Factory Stereo is when transmitting on a HAM Radio it draws more current which then is sensed by the Interrupt Module causing it to mute the Factory Stereo and Speakers to switch to Ham Speaker Level Audio. We are in the process of developing a workaround when using a Ham Radio with an APRS tracker. If you’re not using an APRS tracker the Big Rig Audio Interrupt works fine.

I want my boat stereo to mute and speakers to switch to VHF radio whenever the 2-way is active.

Use VHF-U4 a two or four-channel stereo mute and speaker switch. How it works when a two-way radio message is received the stereo automatically mutes and audio from the VHF plays through the front speakers while rear speakers go mute. Not Bluetooth or FM modulated where you turn to an FM station to be heard. The stereo automatically returns three seconds after the last message is heard. Waterproof potting compound is used on this product to encapsulate against vibration, dust and accidental immersion in seawater.

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