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Hear 2-Way Radios Through Vehicle Speakers

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Enhance Your Two-Way Radio Experience by Hearing Voice Through your Vehicle Speakers


CB, HAM, VHF/UHF or other audio transmission can be heard through the factory or aftermarket stereo speakers in vehicles/boats/motorcycles


Seamless and fully automatic interaction between the vehicle stereo speakers and a two-way radio or other receiving device equipped with a 1/8” (3.5mm) speaker output jack such as on a GPS, CB, FRS, GMRS, VHF, UHF, Ham Radio or Radar Detector.

When audio is present (volume, set at a pleasant listening level) on a 2 way-radio, the stereo output automatically mutes while the front speakers switch to 2 way radio voice, acting as high-quality external speakers.

Factory vehicle speakers are designed for the acoustics of the vehicle and are usually rated at 20 watts or greater making a world of difference as to how well you hear


What our Customers Say About Our Products

The Wiz

Hi. I just installed the “Wiz” into my wife’s Grand Am and the “Audio Interrupter” and the “TDS15A” into my Mustang Convertible and wanted to share with anyone else who uses two-way radios in their car how impressed I am.

Took just over a week delivery time from the US to Canada.

Connected it to the radio in my wife’s car.

Plays through the driver’s door speaker.

Audio Interrupter for Ford 2003-2014

"I also purchased the Audio Interrupt for Ford 2003-2014 to connect another ham radio to my 2007 Mustang Convertible.  With the roof down this car is very loud, so I wanted something that would completely mute the car radio audio when I receive messages over the ham radio.  Also, I wanted to hear the ham radio through the high quality speakers in the front doors.  This product does just that. 

Three seconds after the ham radio audio is finished the car radio audio comes back on.  The ham radio audio that comes through the front door speakers has a clarity that it has never exhibited before. It sounds awesome."  


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