Audio Interrupt Products
Now You Can Hear your 2-Way Radio Through Your Vehicle Speakers with our Audio Interrupt Products
Hear VHF/UHF Radios Through Marine Speakers
Audio Interrupt Products
Hear 2-Way Radios Through Vehicle Speakers
Audio Interrupt Products
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HAM, VHF/UHF, CB or other audio transmission can be heard through the factory or aftermarket stereo speakers in
vehicles/boats with our Audio Interrupt products.
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Seamless and fully automatic interaction between the vehicle stereo speakers and a two-way radio or other receiving device equipped with a 1/8” (3.5mm) speaker output jack such as on a GPS, CB, FRS, GMRS, VHF, UHF, Ham Radio or Radar Detector.

When audio is present (volume, set at a pleasant listening level) on a 2 way-radio, the stereo output automatically mutes while the front speakers switch to 2 way radio voice, acting as high-quality external speakers.

Factory vehicle speakers are designed for the acoustics of the vehicle and are usually rated at 20 watts or greater making a world of difference as to how well you hear.

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