Mutes Vehicle Speakers When Transmitting HAM/CB Two-Way Radio

Can be used with CBM-U4 Products


Designed and manufactured in the USA.

What our Customer’s Say:

While talking to John, the founder of Rogus Innovations, John suggested that I try another one of his inventions called the TDS15A that mutes the car radio speakers when I transmit making it easier for the party to whom I am speaking to hear me.

I hooked up the TDS15A according to the clearly written instructions. It requires an easy one-time adjustment just like setting the squelch on a two way radio then the tiny unit can be hidden away under the dash. It works flawlessly and everyone I have spoken to over the ham radio can hear the difference as I do keep the car radio very loud to hear it over the throaty Mustang exhaust.

Transmitting music over ham radio frequencies is frowned upon in the ham community so this prevents that, and I no longer have to touch the car radio controls to have a conversation over the ham radio. Super idea, works well, simple installation. Makes using the ham radio in the car so much more enjoyable.

Thank you John."

What Our Customers Are Saying

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