THE WIZ External Speaker Wizard

The External Speaker Wizard functionally turns your left front vehicle speaker into a high-quality external speaker.

The WIZ is an effective 2-way radio voice activated left front speaker switch and left front stereo output mute device.

Factory vehicle speakers are designed for the acoustics of the vehicle and are usually rated at 20 watts or greater making a world of difference as to how well you hear. This makes it the WIZ the best external speaker on the market.

It has seamless and fully automatic interaction between the vehicle stereo and any radio receiving device equipped with a mono 1/8” (3.5mm) speaker output jack (GPS,CB/VHF/UHF/HAM 2-way radios or radar detector.

When voice transmission is present, the left front stereo output will automatically mute and the left front speaker will switch to a 2-way radio voice thus acting as a high quality external speaker.

All other speakers remain unchanged.

The left front speaker remains switched for 3 seconds after the last voice message is received, then automatically returns back to normal stereo play.

About the size of a deck of cards 3” x 2” x 0.9” in an encapsulated enclosure with a 90 degree mono 3.5mm plug on a 12 foot cord.

Best placement of the WIZ is between the stereo and speaker and is mounted under or behind the dash out of site.

At $39.95, the Wiz is cost effective and about the same price as a good quality external mount speaker box which is not as good as your own vehicle speaker.

Designed and manufactured in the USA.

What Our Customers Say:

"Took just over a week delivery time from the US to Canada.

Connected it to the radio in my wife’s car.

Plays through the driver’s door speaker.

What I like about The WIZ is that while I am driving her car I can now hear my ham radio with clarity that it has never exhibited before. At the same time, my wife can listen to her favorite music or book tapes uninterrupted. Neither one of us has to struggle to hear what we each want to hear. Regular car radio audio comes from all 4 door speakers until audio comes through my ham radio. Instantly the audio from my ham radio is the only thing heard out of the left door speaker and is clean clear, and right beside me. The three other speakers continue to play the car radio audio. Then three seconds after the voice message on my ham radio is finished in the left door speaker the car radio cleanly returns to that speaker.

The audio is so good that I can keep my ham radio at a lower volume and my wife doesn’t have to turn up the car radio to an unreasonable level to hear it above my ham radio. It’s a win, win. I am very pleased with the ease of installation. I just had to expose the wires at the back of the radio. I quickly looked on the internet to see which pair of wires were for the driver’s door speaker and wired them to the Wiz. The instructions provided came complete with diagrams and an explanation of how to hook the Wiz up. It’s quick, easy, and sounds great. I’ve wanted something like this for years and finally found it made by Rogus Innovations at Very solid construction; great product!"

What Our Customers Are Saying

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