Hear your 2-Way Radio or Tablet Through Truck Speakers

ATTENTION TRUCKERS. Hear your 2-Way Radio or Tablet Through Truck Speakers.

Voicecom is a plug and play system with the ISO wiring harness that is in most 2004 and up big rig trucks. See list below:

  • For Big Rigs, Heavy Equipment, RV’s, Farm Tractors and Commercial Buses
  • Works with Ham, Commercial or Industrial 2-Way Radios, Fleet Management Systems, etc.
  • Voicecom is an automatic stereo mute and speaker switching system. Designed for commercial vehicles.
  • When a 2-way radio message is received, the stereo automatically mutes the stereo and switches the two front speakers to 2-way radio voice while other speakers go mute.
  • Three seconds after the last message is heard, the stereo and speakers automatically switch back to normal stereo play.
  • Built to last with waterproof potting compound to encapsulate the circuitry and cable assembly.
  • Protects against temperature change, vibration,m dust and accidental immersion in water.
  • JIS8 rated.


Designed and manufactured in the USA.

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