A universal interrupt switcher designed for vehicles having an aftermarket stereo with a 2 or 4 speaker system

The CBM-U4AS  has far more benefits than an external speaker which does NOT mute the stereo or automatically switch to vehicle speakers.

  • It automatically mutes the stereo when a 2-way radio (CB/HAM) voice transmission is received.
  • Makes an external speaker obsolete.
  • Voice transmission switches to the two front vehicle speakers while other speakers go mute.
  • Three seconds after transmission is finished, the stereo returns back to normal play.
  • Fast and easy installation for the do it yourselfer.
  • About the size of a deck of cards: 1.5” wide by 2.0” deep x .75” high.
  • Built to last with water proof potting to encapsulate the circuitry to protect against temperature change, vibration, dust and accidental immersion in water. JIS8 rated.
  • The CBM-JK allows the 4x4 off-road enthusiast to enjoy their music on the trail without missing a call.


Designed and manufactured in the USA.

Use with the TDS-15A Transmit Detector Switch to be able to transmit messages for an additional $59.95.

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